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"Make me feel it, make me feel alive again!"

This site is for hardcore MGS fans! Others are welcome too! I'm going to say it right now, if you like X Box leave right this very second, or else you're in for a world of trouble! Everybody else is welcome too!
MGS Updates

I will try to update as much as possible but, I am a very busy person and I will update first chance that I get, promise!

04/01/04 9:49 A.M.

MGS: Twin Snakes is AWESOME! All the new clips are PERFECT! Also in the battle with Psycho Mantis, when they reveal his face, OH MAN! And for the MGS fan who owns a Gamecube but doesn't want to learn a new control style, head over to www.compusa.com and search for converter and on the second page there is a Gamecube to Playstation converter. Your welcome.

Any ideas?
If you have any ideas about my site just e-mail me at the address below and I will take your idea into consideration. Also e-mail me if you want to join the MGS club for FREE!

X Box Sux
If you like X Box, I don't like you.

Last updates: 4/1/04